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DSBJ Grupa Doradcza Sp. z o.o.

DSBJ knows how to work together to build Client’s company goodwill and shareholders value. This is achieved both through the use of bold business strategies and best solutions aimed at maximum customer satisfaction.
DSBJ advises on business strategy, fund raising, corporate development, mergers and acquisitions. Since June 2011 DSBJ acts as Authorised Adviser on NewConnect and Catalyst Warsaw Stock Exchange markets.
Regardless of the type of the service provided, DSBJ always operates basing on the principle of full involvement in the project.
1. Debt financing
  • assessment of feasibility and optimisation of obtaining a debt financing strategy
  • identification and selection of financial institutions
  • preparation of appropriate documentation: business plan, loan/lease application, memorandum, issue prospectus
  • negotiating with financial institutions
  • post transaction advisory
2. Equity financing
  • assessment of feasibility and fund raising strategy
  • preparation of appropriate documentation: business plan, memorandum, information document, issue prospectus
  • identification and conducting the process of attracting a financial or strategic investor (in the specific sector)
  • advisory services and supporting the share issue process to make a debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect
  • post transaction advisory
3. Corporate finance and strategic advisory
  • flotations, trade sales
  • management buy
  • outs valuation of companies and their components
  • substantial support after finalisation of a transaction
  • fund raising
  • implementation of a development strategy
  • preparing and conducting a debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect
  • preparing and conducting the due diligence process
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hotline: (+48) 608 674 198
email: ampe@ampe.pl

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