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Płock, a city of 130 thousand inhabitants, is situated in the heart of Mazovia. Founded on the Vistula river scarp, for centuries it has been the seat of bishops, dukes of Mazovia and Polish rulers. This extraordinary place inspired poets, master painters and photographers. Its magic lies in the unique charm, which was born between the past and present. The Płock escarpment holds many secrets from the past. The steeples of the cathedral and the castle are reminders of the city’s glorious past, when during the reign of Władysław Herman and Bolesław the Wry-Mouthed Płock was the true capital of Poland.
The Cathedral Basilica, the treasury in the Diocesan Museum, the collection of art nouveau in the Mazovian Museum, the oldest high school in Poland - „Małachowianka” or the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy are only a fraction of all the places you need to see in Płock. The city is worth visiting with the whole family, as there are many attractions awaiting for children. The greatest of them is the zoo, inhabited by more than 3,5 thousand animals. In summer you can get there by the Tumska Choo-choo.
On summer evenings the beach, the amphitheater and the Old Market Square fi ll out with music. Great musical events, such as Audioriver, Poland’s largest festival of electronic music attract young people. Whole families participate in the Plock History Days, the Jarmark Tumski fair event and the Aviation Picnic. The Summer Music Festival and the holiday Art Market have also gained a solid group of supporters, thanks to combining street theater with jazz and open-air cinema. Everyone will find here both plenty of attractions and places for a moment of reflection.
Płock is a proven location, offering ideal conditions to support the Polish and European market. It has already been tried out by many investors coming to this region. Many companies decided to place their seats in Płock. The most known are: the major European oil refiner PKN Orlen, jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss, agricultural equipment manufacturer CNH, producer of additives for cakes and desserts Dr. Oetker Decor and Basell Orlen Polyolefins – a chemicals producer.
What is also noteworthy is the Płock Industrial and Technological Park, a joint venture of the city of Płock and the PKN Orlen. The park is divided into eight zones. Their profiles are: office, service, manufacturing, and industrial production. The park offers a wide range of office space and training facilities. Plock is a thriving economic center with great industrial potential and a developed business service market. The investment expenditure per capita in Płock is among the highest in Poland. Investing in Płock is favorable not only because of the city’s attractive offer, but also because of its strategic localization – important communication routes are situated near the city. Płock is located close to national roads, a main railway junction of the country and airports. The transport infrastructure is being constantly developed.
Płock, a well-managed, modern city is open for business. At the City Hall of Plock each potential investor will receive professional information concerning the offered estates, investment projects, current regulations, procedures and opportunities for cooperation with enterprises.
The city supports entrepreneurship through:
  1. Providing the necessary infrastructure for investment sites.
  2. Granting property tax reliefs in accordance with local law.
  3. Maximum acceleration of administrative procedures within the competence of the City Hall of Płock.
  4. Close cooperation with Płock universities to ensure adequate specializations of students.
  5. Supporting the recruiting of technical staff in a collaboration with the Municipal Job Office in Płock.
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