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Gospodarstwo Sadownicze MB - Monika Bankiewicz

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The first step of our family apple orchard farm goes back to the period between World Wars. In 1926 Jan Bankiewicz, the grandfather, married Kazimiera Gizińska, the grandmother. They purchased first apple trees in 1933 in Mroczków, Poland.

Gradually the orchard developed, however, with the arrival of the World War Second the family had to leave their household and the apple orchard was greatly destroyed by Germans.

After the war in 1945 grandpa Jan returned with his family to Kamorów. The family started over, planted more apple trees and step by step reconstructed the orchard household.

In 1960 the apple orchard farm of 8 hectare of surface structure was assumed by Jan Bankiewicz's son - Janusz. That very same year Janusz married Janina Lachtara. The apple orchard farm is expanding ever since.

The family tradition is prolonged now by Janusz's son Tomasz, who with his wife Monika took over the "business" in 1990. As it can be expected the fourth generation, our children: Paulina, Michał, Piotr and Jan are already engaged in "the apple business".

The apple orchard farm now...

Presently our orchard household is 36 hectares wide, out of which 24 hectares are fruitful apple trees.

Orchard's fertilization and protection is accurate to the Programme of Integrated Production. We have acquired an IP Certificate, GLOBAL G.A.P and implemented the system of quality HACCP.

Our farm is fully mechanized, has an extensive system of irrigation and anti-frost installation.

Since 2004 we are a part of Grupa Producencka Skowronki (Skowronki Production Group) located both in Skowronki (district of Grójec) and in Komorów (district of Przysucha).

Altogether, our farm and Grupa Producencka Skowronki's buildings can store about 4,000 tons of apples. We use sorting machine designed and manufactured by SORTER from Radom.

The vast quantity of apples prepared in Komorów is exported to the East via Bart-ex Dariusz Chmiel, the company that we cooperate with for many years.

How our juice is produced?

The idea for juice production came up in 2012.
We press apples and when the juice is ready it goes through the process of pasteurization. We obtain naturally cloudy apple juice, the source of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. To produce 5 litres of juice we need approximately 8 kg of apples.

What is Bag-in-Box?

This is a system of packaging; it consists of a bag filled up with juice, which is then put into a box that protects the bag from mechanical damages as well as facilitates the transportation.

The unique construction of the Bag prevents the air to go inside the Bag. In protects the juice from going bad, keeps the taste and visual aspects in a great shape therefore the juice is fresh for a longer period of time.

When it is stored in home temperature (up to 20 C) our apple juice stays fresh up to 14 days after first opening, when stored in refrigeration even up to 3-4 weeks. Bagin-Box is more than easy to use, even small children handle it very well.

year of the establishment:  1926
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hotline: (+48) 608 674 198
email: ampe@ampe.pl

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