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Gospodarstwo Sadownicze MB - Monika Bankiewicz

The juice Smaczek z Doliny Radomki is a juice produced only from dessert apples: Gala Royal, Gala Must, Sampion, Idared, Golden Delicious Reinders, Rajka, Mutsu, Jonica, Janagored.

Our juice is water, sugar and preservatives free, it contains ONLY natural fruit sugar. The taste of the juice is accurate to the selection of apples. Apples that are grown in our orchard and in orchards of Grupa Producencka Skowronki "SKOWRONKI".

During the Winter time hot Smaczek z Doliny Radomki with a pinch of cinnamon can warm us up whereas cooled juice will bring refreshment on hot Summer days. Whenever you want to make a surprise dessert for your family and friends just add a potato starch and there it is, a delicious dessert.

The grownups can also enjoy our juice mixed with alcohol making a drink called "Szarlotka"

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