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Masterform S.A.

International hydraulic tools market is growing and typical hand tools used in industry are replaced more and more often by hydraulic tools which are simply more efficient than others.

Especially tools working with 700 bars.

Experience gathered by Masterform S.A. thanks to many years of cooperation with the biggest international companies like General Electric, Rockwell Automation, Danfoss, Siemens, Edwards, Oerlikon or Broen made possible,that as a first company in Poland and one of only few in Europe, we started to produce our own line of 700 bar high pressure hydraulic pumps and devices which have been used as a source of power for wide range of hydraulic tools.

Precision, power and efficiency are features characteristic for brand name Masterforce under which our 700 bar devices can be found on the market.

Qualified staff being at Customers’ disposal, provide them with technical support on stage of selection of proper device as well as of usage of purchased device.

Our own, very well equipped machine park as well as modern measurement laboratory guarantee highest quality of products offered by us.

Spares and finished devices stocks both allow us for quick and efficient reaction on Customers’ needs.

These advantages together with very attractive price conditions and with flexible attitude in relations with our business partners create one of the most attractive offer on the market.

year of the establishment: 1998
industry: Metals - working, machines
product / service range:  
hotline: (+48) 608 674 198
email: ampe@ampe.pl

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